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Swisscom announces 2.2 percent pay rise

02 December 2005

Swisscom has reached an agreement with the unions and the CASC employee association on salary rises for 2006: total salary payouts are to be increased by 2.2 percent. The general increase amounts to 1.5 percent of the basic salary. This measure does not apply to salaries which are currently well above the going market rate. In these cases an uninsured one-off payment of CHF 1,200 will be made in January 2006.

Swisscom has come to an agreement with delegations from the staff associations to raise the total salary payout by 2.2 percent with effect from January 2006. For most employees, the general increase will be 1.5 percent of the basic salary. The remainder of the pay rise will be used for individual salary increments.

Employees whose salaries are above the going market rate for their function will receive an uninsured one-off payment of CHF 1,200 in January 2006. This will help to reduce existing wage disparities.

Minimum basic salaries graded according to function will be increased by 1.4 percent.

The decision is subject to approval by the governing bodies of the staff associations. The increase applies to all employees subject to Swisscom's collective employment agreement. Some 14,500 people (around 13,500 FTEs) are covered by this agreement. All Group companies are in agreement with the outcome of these negotiations.


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