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Significant increase in ADSL bandwidths: massive improvement in performance

11 January 2006

Residential and business customers will benefit from even faster data connections when Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale more than triples bandwidths for its individual ADSL offerings during the next few months. The move will represent yet another milestone in the ADSL success story. Today, over one million customers in Switzerland now use the technology.

Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale's massive increase in ADSL bandwidths will set the broadband market rolling again. The move comes in response to an ever-growing demand for higher data transfer capacities and demonstrates the company's clear commitment to a globally proven and widely used technology.


Increased data transfer capacity via some 30 Internet providers

Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale provides ADSL access in Switzerland via a network of around 30 Internet providers. The offering encompasses a full range of broadband solutions tailored to the specific needs of residential and business customers. These customers as well as future ADSL users will now benefit from a huge increase in capacity. This will also translate into considerably improved price-performance and provide an incentive for many users to switch to ADSL.

The new offering profiles are based on maximum achievable bandwidth; in other words customers are accorded the maximum possible data transfer capacity for their subscription profile. The data transfer capacity is dependent on the distance to the Swisscom exchange and the quality of the in-house installation. This may mean that individual customers may not benefit from the full increase in capacity.


Broadband offerings at a glance:


Current profile

Profile from mid-March 2006

ADSL Residential 150/50 150/50
  600/100 2000/100
  1200/200 3500/300



ADSL Business 300/300 300/300
  600/500 600/600
  1200/500 4000/600



SDSL Business 1200/1200 1200/1200
  1800/1800 1800/1800

For new customers, the new capacity profiles will be available from mid-March 2006, while for existing customers, the technical preparations for the bandwidth increase have been under way since December 2005. The new, higher bandwidths for the 1200/200 and 2400/200 profiles as well as for business customer accesses will be available from the end of March 2006. Migration of most of the 600/100 residential customer profiles will be completed by the end of April 2006. Migration of all existing accesses is scheduled for completion at latest by the end of June.

With its new portfolio of offerings for business customers, Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale is responding to a need for high-speed data connections and by so doing helping to strengthen business competitiveness in today's increasingly fast-paced marketplace.


Future-oriented ADSL technology enjoys continued success

ADSL has established itself worldwide as a superior broadband technology. Compared with the rest of Europe, Switzerland boasts the fastest growth rates in ADSL which is now available to over 98 per cent of the country's four million or so fixed lines. In August 2005 ADSL penetration in Switzerland topped the one million mark. 2005 posted the highest growth rates thus far and the positive trend looks set to continue. The boom is attributable not only to the high bandwidths but also to the comprehensive, high-quality service, which is very much appreciated by ADSL users.


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