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Swisscom to spin off its telex platform

18 January 2006

Swisscom is to outsource the operation of its telex platform to SwissTelex AG, but will continue to provide direct support to its customers in Switzerland. It has thus found an international solution to meet the needs of its telex customers. Eleven Swisscom employees will bring their know-how and experience from the telex business to the newly formed company.

Swisscom's telex business has been in steady decline for years. New technologies such as fax, e-mail and digital signatures have increasingly replaced the service. Nevertheless, around 300 business customers in Switzerland still rely on telex. To realign this niche business towards future needs, Swisscom has opted for a new business model. It will outsource the operation of its telex platform to
SwissTelex AG, which has its headquarters in Lugano. SwissTelex AG aims to bring international customers and telex operators on to its platform with the long-term goal of serving telex customers in Asia and Europe.

This solution will enable Swisscom to create added value for customers, employees and worldwide telex users. Swisscom will continue to act as the contract partner and contact for customers in Switzerland, which means it will be able to keep the telex service alive for its customers for the long term. SwissTelex AG will also take over the telex business of seven foreign providers and is looking to attract additional service providers.

The project is supported by the Swisscom Venture Fund, which provides support for spin-off initiatives involving divisions that do not belong to Swisscom's core business. Since coming into existence it has helped to create 19 independent companies with 300 full time employees.


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