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Press release

Xtra - the new product line for NATEL® customers under 26

30 March 2006

Xtra is a new and great value product line for people under 26, enabling youngsters to keep their budgets under control and take advantage of a quality product at the same time. To get this product line off to a fitting start, Swisscom Mobile is launching a range of new charges called Xtra-liberty on 3 April 2006.

The Xtra-liberty product is available in three versions: as NATEL® basic xtra-liberty, for a basic fee of CHF 12 per month, as NATEL® swiss xtra-liberty, designed for those who make lots of calls for a basic fee of CHF 25 per month, and as a prepaid product, NATEL® easy xtra-liberty .

The Xtra-liberty rates from Swisscom Mobile mark the launch of a new product line for younger customers up to the age of 26. Apart from the special conditions for voice telephony, they also benefit from free SMS and MMS messages (over the internet) or discount SMS rates (via mobile phones). With Xtra, new mobile phones can be obtained at particularly attractive prices. In future, Xtra will be enhanced with a wide range of additional services.


Make free night time calls with basic and swiss xtra-liberty

No matter which Xtra-liberty option you choose, SMS messages cost just 15 cents each. In addition, and depending on the Xtra-liberty option, customers also benefit from between 25 and 100 SMS messages per month included. Between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., customers with a subscription can call for free to the Swiss fixed network and the Swisscom Mobile network. As is the case with the Liberty family, Xtra-liberty calls are billed by the hour. If you are under 26 and you are already a Swisscom Mobile customer, you can switch to Xtra-liberty at no charge. New customers who would like to benefit from Xtra-liberty are also very welcome.


  NATEL® easy xtra-liberty  NATEL® basic xtra-liberty NATEL® swiss xtra-liberty
Basic charge  - CHF 12  CHF 25
Calling rate within Swisscom networks 0.80 per hour 0.70 per hour 0.50 per hour
Calling rates to networks operated by other providers 0.70 per minute  0.60 per minute  0.50 per minute 
Calls included  - Telephone free at night Telephone free at night
SMS included  25 50 100


Send SMS and MMS messages over the Internet free of charge in the Youth Zone

The launch of Xtra is coupled with the rollout of a new web platform. Up to 500 MMS or SMS messages can be sent each month via the new Youth Zone. Thousands of images and other special offers are also available.

All previous offers for youngsters are being replaced by the Xtra product line. Customers who have previously used the Swisscom Mobile online Skyline portal will be migrated automatically to the new Youth Zone, which will be rolled out on 3 April in conjunction with the new youth rates at



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