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Swisscom Fixnet to launch new directory enquiries number 1811

03 April 2006

On 3 April 2006 Swisscom Fixnet launches the new directory enquiries number 1811. During a transitional period until the end of December 2006 Swisscom Fixnet will offer the hitherto 111, 1151 - 1154 and 1159 numbers and the new number 1811 in parallel. The new 1811 number can be accessed from all networks and can be dialled by all fixed and mobile network customers in Switzerland.

Since January 2001, information services from other telephony providers have existed alongside the 111 directory enquiries number. The Swiss Federal Council has decided to take the numbers 111 for national enquiries and 115x for international enquiries out of service by the end of 2006 at the latest. To facilitate the transition for customers from the familiar 111 to the new 1811 number, Swisscom Fixnet will start offering the new 1811 number as early as 3 April 2006. Customers will continue to receive their telephone directory information both on 1811 as well as 111 and 115x until the end of 2006. On 31 December 2006 the numbers 111 and 115x will be taken out of service.


One number for all networks

A new feature is that the 1811 number will be accessible from all networks. The Swisscom Fixnet service will therefore be available to all customers round the clock, irrespective of the network provider selected. Another new feature is that national and international enquiries can be reached under the same number. The five hitherto international enquiries numbers (1151, 1152, 1153, 1154 and 1159) as well as the national enquiries number 111 will be combined under the new 1811 number.


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