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Press release

Swisscom supports the disposal of the Federal majority holding

05 April 2006

Swisscom has taken note of the message of the Federal Council concerning the disposal of its majority holding, and takes a positive view of the goals set by the Federal Council. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Swisscom would welcome the complete or (if not possible for political reasons) at least the partial disposal of the government holding. Such a move would be in the best interests of the company in terms of further development, allowing it, above all, to branch out into new business areas. Swisscom clearly rejects all endeavours to weaken its integrated network infrastructure through spin-offs or deprive it of its very means of existence through the creation of a network company. It is of paramount importance that implementation of the Federal Council's proposal should lead to a stable, long-term shareholder base.


Swisscom AG
Media Relations
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