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Press release

Bluewin TV 300 is changing the way we watch

18 April 2006

Bluewin TV 300 customers mostly live on their own or with one other person, usually have a broadband Internet connection and a larger-than-average TV consumption - so say the results of an online survey. The hard disk recorder is most popular among men who are keen on technology. What's more, Bluewin TV 300 is now even more attractive: Swisscom Fixnet is reducing the lease charge for this new television experience from CHF 24.90 to just CHF 14.90 a month.

Swisscom Fixnet Bluewin has carried out a representative online survey of almost 1,000 Bluewin TV 300 customers. As expected, those surveyed are more interested in consumer electronics and tend to watch more television than average, and almost one quarter say they have a flat-screen TV.


Intelligent TV consumption models and consumer curiosity are the main drivers

The customers who have signed up so far are very pleased - even thrilled - about the device. One in five say that the new service exceeded their expectations, while the majority of users cite the special functions offered by the hard disk recorder and the opportunity to structure their TV viewing habits more intelligently as the main criteria for choosing Bluewin TV 300 - for example, the on-screen electronic programme guide and the facility to record shows and programme your favourite series at the click of a button. The appeal of being at the cutting edge of this new technology was another important factor that prompted many users to buy.

Around one third of those surveyed say that have started to use Bluewin TV 300 more since they bought the device, leading to an increase in TV consumption (in line with their own interests) for 20% of the respondents. The fact that you never again have to miss your favourite show or series was singled out as one of the major advantages offered by Bluewin TV 300.


The person leasing the device is only rarely the main user

It is usually the man of the house who leases the digital device - one who is not afraid to try out new technologies. However, the main users are often women or children. Inconvenient broadcast times, the ability to compile personal viewing schedules and watch the programmes you want when it suits you, plus the ready availability of your favourite films on tape are the reasons most often cited for leasing the device. It would appear that in Swiss living rooms it is the women and children that decide which show or film is going to be watched, and when.


Dive into a whole new world of entertainment for just CHF 14.90 a month

Swisscom is reducing the lease price for a Bluewin TV 300 hard disk recorder from CHF 24.90 to CHF 14.90 a month (subject to a minimum contract period of 12 months). Existing customers will be contacted by post and given the opportunity to switch to the new offer. The attractive leasing option enables those interested in the service to try out the device and experience the functions offered by this new TV experience first-hand. So far 10,000 customers have signed up for Bluewin TV 300.


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