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Better cost control for NATEL® customers

20 April 2006

From 18 April 2006 Swisscom Mobile is offering a free service for residential customers so that they can keep better track of their costs. The "Quick Check" service allows Swisscom Mobile subscribers to call up their calling costs for the current month and check any outstanding bills.

The Quick Check SMS service is designed to provide Swisscom Mobile customers with transparent information on the status of their bills. To call up the information, the customer sends an SMS with the keyword "bill" to the number 444 and in return receives an SMS free of charge with information on the costs incurred in the current month and on any outstanding bills. "This way our customers can find out the status of their bills quickly and conveniently. Quick Check protects customers from nasty surprises at the end of the month," says Bengt Gade, product manager at Swisscom Mobile. The Quick Check service is free of charge in Switzerland. For callers using the service while abroad, the SMS charges will depend on the local provider.

Quick Check summarises the costs for the current month as well as any outstanding billing amounts, in two separate amounts: the costs for the current month contain the subscription charges, call charges, and any costs incurred for the use of supplementary services. International roaming charges are also included. The correctness of the data (in terms of being up to date) depends on how fast Swisscom Mobile receives the data from its foreign partners. As a rule the data are received within 24 to 48 hours. Additional credits are credited only at the end of the month.

The second amount provided in the SMS is the total sum of all outstanding bills. For legal reasons, customers whose phone numbers run under another person's bill cannot view this information.

Information called up via Quick Check is updated every two hours. Quick Check is available exclusively to residential customers, irrespective of the type of NATEL® subscription (excl. NATEL® easy).


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