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Change to NATEL® easy - and take your number with you

26 May 2006

Customers of other mobile phone providers can now take their number with them when they switch to Swisscom Mobile even if they want to sign up for a prepaid service such as NATEL® easy. This new number portability service also applies to M-Budget Mobile, the prepaid product from Migros. All customers need to do to switch to NATEL® easy and M-Budget Mobile is cancel their contract with their current provider and acquire a new SIM card.

Until now, technical restrictions meant that customers could keep numbers from other providers only if the customer took out a Swisscom Mobile subscription. Now, however, all telephone numbers beginning in 076, 077 and 078 can be converted to NATEL® easy, irrespective of the Swisscom Mobile prepaid product chosen. Customers have four different services to choose from: NATEL® easy, NATEL® easy kid, NATEL® easy liberty and NATEL® easy xtra-liberty, the last two of which come complete with an attractive flat-rate charge of 80 cents per call (max. 60 minutes) within the Swisscom mobile network or the Swiss fixed network.

Transferring phone numbers from another Swiss mobile phone operator to a prepaid service from Swisscom Mobile takes between 10 and 30 days. During this time, new Swisscom Mobile customers will receive an interim 079 number and will be kept informed of the progress of their activation via SMS.

How long it takes to transfer your number depends largely on your current contractual commitments. Customers who want to switch to NATEL® easy should therefore contact their existing provider and ask about the next possible cancellation date, any costs that may be involved and the exact changeover procedure. Any credit remaining on your prepaid card will lapse when you switch to Swisscom Mobile.


Number porting now also possible to M-Budget Mobile

The technical changes made to the Swisscom Mobile prepaid platform also means that existing phone numbers can now also be transferred to M-Budget Mobile. M-Budget Mobile is the prepaid product from Migros in partnership with Swisscom Mobile. The conditions outlined above apply, with one exception: Customers that switch between M-Budget Mobile and NATEL easy from Swisscom Mobile do not lose their credit, and any remaining calling time credit is transferred to their new SIM card.


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