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Press release

Euro Passport: Cheap mobile calls when abroad

01 June 2006

Swisscom Mobile is launching a new, free roaming option for NATEL® subscribers starting 1 July 2006. With Euro Passport, customers can make calls while abroad for on average 30 percent less than previously after the first minute, and still pay less than with any other Swiss provider.

Swisscom Mobile already offers the most attractive roaming rates of all Swiss network operators. And on 1 July 2006 the company will be launching a tariff model that is completely new to Switzerland, with even more attractive rates for phone calls abroad.

With Euro Passport, NATEL® subscribers (except NATEL® easy) will pay CHF 1.60 for the first minute. From the second minute, a standard price of CHF 0.60 will apply, which is what a call within Switzerland typically costs per minute. This means that, from the second minute onwards, calls made from and in other European countries will be considerably cheaper. During an average phone call of two and a half minutes, NATEL® customers will save 30 percent. Incoming calls will also cost less in future - receiving calls in other European countries will be charged at a standard rate of only CHF 0.60 per minute, rather than the previous rates of up to CHF 1.20.


Standard SMS price for NATEL® subscribers

Euro Passport is a roaming option that NATEL® customers can subscribe to free of charge. To order, just text "Start Europe" to the number 444. There is no basic monthly fee. The favourable Euro Passport rates do not depend on the foreign network operator you choose, and apply to all EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Andorra. Charges for calls made from and in other countries remain the same.

On top of this, once you have Euro Passport the new, standard worldwide price for outgoing text messages (SMS) will be CHF 0.40. This single price gives much better cost transparency than before, when charges depended on the foreign network operator.

The roll-out of Euro Passport will mean a significant drop in prices for phone calls made abroad, and greater cost transparency for NATEL® customers. As part of this product launch, the Vodafone World tariff model will also be getting cheaper.

For detailed information on Euro Passport and Vodafone World, visit:


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