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Press release

Swisscom to focus on convergence and on improving customer care

16 June 2006

Convergence is shaping the world of telecoms, with fixed, mobile and IT services merging and becoming accessible via PC, mobile phone and television sets. To address this market trend as well as improve customer care, in particular among business customers, the Swisscom Board of Directors has decided to implement a number of organisational changes due to come into effect over the coming months. The Group structure will remain unchanged.

On 8 March 2006 the Swisscom Group announced a new strategic direction, including consolidating the company's core business by offering a comprehensive portfolio of converged multimedia services such as television over ADSL or mobile phone, coupled with top-quality customer service and improvements in efficiency. Swisscom is excellently positioned to enter the converged world of telecoms with a broad range of offerings tailored to new customer needs and new technical possibilities. The goal of the strategy is to systematically exploit this potential and develop and market new products and services.


Improved contacts with business customers

The key to implementing this lies in improving collaboration across the Group companies. This will require a number of organisational changes. Sales and Marketing are to be merged with a view to simplifying contacts with business customers. Swisscom Solutions will be in charge of corporate customers, while Swisscom Fixnet will be responsible for SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises).


Merging different network infrastructures

The basis for the launch of converged services lies in the technology. In order to capture synergies in the Swisscom Group and accelerate the development and market launch of new products, the different infrastructure networks are to be merged over the longer term. Responsibility for the Group-wide technology strategy will be concentrated at Headquarters.

Customers' needs for a full-service offering in home networking is growing. Swisscom will therefore bundle its resources and create a joint unit for the provision of on-site customer service at Fixnet. Cooperation with existing partners will continue.

Responsibility for overseeing the 100 or so Swisscom-Shops will be transferred from Fixnet to Mobile. Today 75% of the products and services on offer in the Swisscom Shops are in mobile communications. The comprehensive range of fixed and mobile offerings and the responsibilities of the country-wide sales outlets will remain unchanged.

As a further measure, HR management and administration in the individual Group companies are to be merged.

The organisational changes will affect around 1,500 employees, whose departments will be transferred to new organisational units.


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