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A single address book - secure and accessible from anywhere

Berne, 01 September 2006

Thanks to a new synchronisation function in Bluewin Webmail, Swisscom customers can now store their address data in a central database. Following synchronisation, the address book can be called up anywhere by the customer from their mobile phone or computer. The advantage is that if the customer loses or replaces their phone or computer, their address data remain safely stored in the central database. By introducing this new function, Swisscom is making an important move in the direction of multi-technology offerings.

Effective immediately, Bluewin Webmail also provides a central address archive which can be synchronised anytime with Outlook or a mobile phone. With most devices, the synchronisation is performed using the SyncML feature and costs CHF 0.50 per update regardless of the volume of data being transferred. Transfer to Outlook is free of charge.

The Bluewin address book simplifies the handling of contact details such as phone numbers, postal and e-mail addresses. The time-consuming task of keying in phone numbers on a mobile handset is eliminated, since the data can be entered directly via Bluewin Webmail. From there the customer can also access Swisscom Directories' online services and save selected data directly in the Bluewin address book.

For many users, losing their mobile phone and hence all their contact details for family and friends means a lot of extra work. No so for Swisscom customers, whose life will now be made much easier thanks to the new address book function. The Bluewin Webmail database serves as a backup copy should the customer lose their mobile phone or purchase a new one, since the data can simply be transferred to the new device.


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