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Press release

Try out new product ideas in the Swisscom Mobile Labs

Berne, 19 September 2006

Starting immediately, you can keep track of the development process for certain Swisscom Mobile products via an online test lab. The Swisscom Mobile Labs allow customers to use and evaluate selected projects as "Beta products", which in turn will enable Swisscom Mobile to check how attuned new service offerings are to the market before they are introduced, as well as improve user-friendliness and design. The opportunity to gather on-the-spot customer feedback will also reduce the time-to-market.

By introducing the Swisscom Mobile Labs, Swisscom is following in the footsteps of large software manufacturers which - before launching new products on the market - first offer them as Beta downloads. Beta products are essentially ready for market, but as trial runs for a planned product normally only offer a restricted scope of service. This has numerous advantages for customers: they get their hands on new products sooner, plus they can give the manufacturer feedback on their needs and experiences. Manufacturers, meanwhile, are able to put new products to the test before they are launched, which significantly reduces the time-to-market.

Swisscom Mobile is the first foray by a Swiss telecommunications provider into the area of online test labs. The aim is to give customers a unique opportunity to influence the way Swisscom products are designed. The Swisscom Mobile Labs have a wide variety of Beta products from the field of mobile communications to choose from, for example a programme that permits controlled, remote mobile access to PCs and Outlook.

In most cases, downloading and using the Swisscom Mobile Beta products is free of charge. Swisscom Mobile makes sure that the Beta versions are supported by the majority of terminals and that the software works smoothly with other products offered by the company. As is normal for Beta products, Swisscom Mobile does not offer any guarantees with regard to availability and functioning.


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