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Spam and virus filters for all Bluewin e-mail addresses

Berne, 02 October 2006

Effective immediately, all Bluewin e-mail addresses will be equipped with a spam and virus filter. This also applies to the cheapest Bluewin service package ("Light"), which previously provided no protection. The filters will be activated automatically and free of charge for new and existing subscribers. This means that from now on the e-mail addresses of all Bluewin service packages ("Light", "Classic" and "Gold") will be protected against spam and viruses.

Millions of advertising e-mails (so-called "spam") and virus-infected attachments are e-mailed every day. Swisscom Fixnet uses special spam and virus filters to actively shield its Bluewin customers against dangerous e-mail and unsolicited advertising. These filters are activated automatically for all customers. "Light" customers with dial-up Bluewin Internet access will also now benefit. If required, the spam and virus filters can be deactivated or re-activated via the Customer Center or Webmail.

Bluewin customers can find useful tips on Internet security at the following address:


Swisscom AG
Media Relations
3050 Bern