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Press release

For everyone under 26: enlist a sponsor and enjoy free mobile calls

Berne, 06 October 2006

Today Swisscom Mobile is launching "Xtra-Sponsor" for everyone under 26. "Xtra-Sponsor" is a free subscription supplement for prepaid customers using NATEL® easy xtra-liberty. Friends and relatives can sponsor customers by crediting a fixed monthly amount to the person's account. The main advantage of "Xtra-Sponsor" is that the person being sponsored can call the sponsor free of charge even if their account balance is zero. "Xtra-Sponsor" replaces the NATEL® easy kid product.

Swisscom Mobile is expanding its Xtra product line to include "Xtra-Sponsor", a free subscription supplement. The company has been offering special tariffs for young customers under 26 under the name Xtra-liberty since April 2006.

NATEL® easy xtra-liberty customers, i.e. all customers under 26 using a prepaid product included in the Xtra-liberty range, stand to benefit from the "Xtra-Sponsor" subscription supplement . They can be sponsored by between one and three people above age 18 who have a Swisscom Mobile NATEL® subscription for residential customers (excl. NATEL® basic xtra-liberty and NATEL® swiss xtra-liberty). The sponsors - for instance, parents, friends or godparents - can pledge an amount between CHF 10 and CHF 100. The money is credited to the sponsored person's account each month and is charged to the sponsor's subscription bill.

The main advantage of "Xtra-Sponsor" is that it allows the young people being sponsored to make an unlimited number of free calls to their sponsor or sponsors. Even if the young person being sponsored has no money left on their prepaid account and is thus unable to make calls to any other number, they can still call the sponsor's number. If the call lasts longer than an hour or involves an international call outside Switzerland, the standard NATEL® easy xtra-liberty subscription tariff is applied. The same applies to calls to other numbers or calls made to numbers outside Switzerland.

As part of the roll-out of Xtra products, the NATEL® easy kid prepaid product is being replaced by NATEL® easy xtra-liberty. Swisscom Mobile will be switching over all NATEL® easy kid customers to NATEL® easy xtra-liberty at the end of November. The relevant sponsors will be converted to Xtra- Sponsors and a mail sent out advising them of the switchover. Customers not wishing to switch over can continue to make calls using NATEL® easy kid.


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