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Press release

Köniz Business Park - Swisscom moves into new office building with 1700 workplaces

Berne, 10 November 2006

Corporate customer and mobile products will in future come from the west of Berne: by mid-November Swisscom will have completed the relocation of 1700 staff from Berne, Ostermundigen and Worblaufen. Köniz will be home to a new complex built by one of the largest employers in Berne. Swisscom Mobile will occupy 1380 workplaces at the new location, Swisscom Solutions another 300. The various existing nine locations will be brought together under a single roof at Waldeggstrasse 51 in Liebefeld.

With around 30,000 square metres of usable floor space, the Köniz Business Park is Swisscom's largest location in Berne, even bigger than the company headquarters in Worblaufen. It is home to the Corporate Business sales force and Swisscom's mobile arm. Meanwhile, a new office workplace concept is set to meet modern-day working requirements.


State-of-the-art communications in everyday use

IP business services, the state-of-the-art as far as business customers are concerned, are already a reality in Köniz. The 1680 staff have access to cutting-edge IT and telecommunications infrastructures and services: wireline telephony for around 350 desktop devices is supported by a network infrastructure based on the Internet protocol (VoIP, Voice over IP). However, most staff communicate via a high-performance, in-house UMTS mobile network. The building infrastructure has also been prepared for implementing Voice over WLAN. Customers will be able to benefit in their own companies from the experience gained rolling out these kinds of solutions.


Corporate Business sales force under a single roof

Swisscom is bringing together all the staff from its existing nine locations in the Berne region under a single roof in the Köniz district of Liebefeld: staff from Swisscom Solutions from Lindenpark 1 in Worblaufen and from Könizstrasse 74 in Berne as well as staff from Swisscom Mobile in Schwarztorstrasse 61, Belpstrasse 37, Belpstrasse 48, Eigerstrasse 13, Zieglerstrasse 30, Genfergasse 13 in Berne and Poststrasse 25 in Ostermundigen. Shorter distances and more direct cooperation will further improve services for customers. The relocation has already had organisational repercussions. Swisscom Solutions has integrated Swisscom Mobile's sales departments to support its corporate customers. As before, Swisscom Mobile continues to focus on developing mobile technologies and applications as well as supporting residential customers. This includes an on-site Swisscom Shop, which opened its doors on November 1.


Eye-catching building - and environmentally friendly

Krattinger Page Architects planned the project. The owner-builder is Credit Suisse, acting as representative of the Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Property Plus. In just 18 months the general contractor Losinger Construction AG built the six-storey new building that stretches 157 metres along the BLS line. The construction costs are around CHF 100 million. Swisscom Immobilien AG is the leaseholder for the Business Park Köniz and also in charge of the overall project management for developing the site and securing tenants. The parties involved have geared the building concept to the energy specifications for MINERGIE® certification. Swisscom's environmental management team is also planning to build a solar power plant on the building in spring 2007, working in tandem with apprentices from Swisscom and BKW.

When choosing the location Swisscom set great store by good public transport links. The Köniz Bus (No. 10) takes you from the station to Hessstrasse in just 10 minutes. The building is also on the Köniz-Weiermatt bus route (No. 17). Bernmobil inaugurated the new Thomasweg stop specifically for the Köniz Business Park. The journey from the station takes about 10 minutes. Every half-hour there is also a regional train S2 from Berne station to the Liebefeld stop; the journey from the station takes between seven and ten minutes. Car parking facilities are also available. These are primarily earmarked for customers and partners; staff with longer journeys into work have priority for any remaining spaces.


Building artwork - "Iconic Flows" by Beat Brogle

The entrance area to the Swisscom Business Park in Köniz is the permanent home to "Iconic Flows", a piece of work from Swiss artist Beat Brogle. The Internet-based piece was the winning entry in a competition organised by the Swisscom Art Committee. The frieze comprising 28 plasma screens skirts the gallery, which connects the staff restaurant on the first floor with the foyer below. The screens display a constant flow of images, which are downloaded from the Internet in real time based on search terms entered by visitors. A single image hardly ever appears twice, but what you have is a constant stream of images superimposed with the one before and after. The constant succession of images illustrates the virtual infinite depth of the information space, while echoing the constant movement that is so typical of the entrance area. And the fact that the same image is never seen twice on the screens is equally testimony to the dynamic nature of the digital media environments.

Köniz Business Park - One of the four largest MINERGIE® buildings in Switzerland

The facade is made out of rear-ventilated glass panels individually attached to metal fixings, and is insulated using glass wool panels. In addition to this high-grade building insulation, the building also features a heat pump, which covers around 70% of the heating load. Gas heating is used for the remaining 30%.

A comfort ventilation system provides a pleasant climate - apart from the building insulation and heat pump, another aspect covered by the MINERGIE® certificate. Thanks to the comfort ventilation, the interior of the building boasts an agreeable climate with no draughts and balanced air humidity, making the building a far better place to work in and, ultimately, improving the quality of work produced.



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