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Swisscom's Hospitality Subsidiary introduces an expanded range of broadband Internet services in Europe

Bern, 22 November 2006

Hospitality Services, formerly Swisscom Eurospot, performed an extensive survey of 600 hotel guests and based on these key insights, launches today the first phase of its new broadband program at its 2'300 partner hotels across Europe. The new service portfolio spans now from a metered "Quick Check" offering for simple e-mail checking and web browsing to a "Premium" service with enhanced features for travellers demanding support for high bandwidth and robust interactive web applications.

Swisscom has performed in the last 6 months in-depth interviews with 600 business travellers staying at 4 and 5 star hotels in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands to fully understand their evolving needs in regard to broadband Internet services and applications.

The survey revealed that 57% of the interviewed business travellers use their laptop while staying at a hotel to stay in touch with their business colleagues, family and friends. Consequently, a major shift in broadband Internet usage at hotels is emerging: besides simply checking their e-mails and browsing the web, hotel guests increasingly desire to create and share impressions, images, music and video on interactive platforms. Moreover, hotel guests spend significant time in the hotel rooms with their own devices: next to the 57% hotel guests carrying their laptop, 35% listen to their MP3 Player, 31% make use of their PDA and 44% have a digital camera with them.

In contrary, time spent watching TV while staying at a hotel is constantly decreasing to reach less than 1 hour per day, as stated by 80% of the polled hotel guests.

As a customer and service-oriented company, Swisscom has taken action upon these findings to satisfy business travellers' evolving needs by providing a flexible service portfolio and options fitting their unique requirements. Swisscom introduces two new broadband Internet services:

  • An all-inclusive 24 hours "Premium" service with unlimited features granting hassle-free connections for business travellers engaging in bandwidth intense applications. The service allows hotel guests to conveniently make full use of their multiple devices and is rounded off with a "complete satisfaction or money back" guarantee.
  • A 60 minutes metered "Quick Check" service for time conscious hotel guests to easily access e-mails and do simple browsing

"We put great effort into understanding how the needs of hotel guests and business travellers evolve and then transform this knowledge into services keeping our hotel partners at the forefront of broadband trends," comments Christian Petit, CEO of Hospitality Services. "With our latest service expansion and flexible pricing models, we offer a new level of service choice to hotel guests and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our hotel partners by providing innovative guest-centric solutions at the most competitive prices."


About Hospitality Services

Swisscom operates a broadband Internet access network in its partner hotels across Europe and North America under its hospitality-focused subsidiary Hospitality Services Plus S.A., spanning more than 2.300 active properties and encompassing 200.000 hotel rooms. Additionally, the company supports over 8'500 events annually on a global basis. This makes Swisscom the undisputable European provider of broadband Internet based services to the hospitality industry.

Swisscom's services are available in well-known hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Marriott, and NH. Each hotel or conference centre is provided with a turn-key solution covering design, installation and operation that is tailored to the specific quality and service requirements of the hotel guests.


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