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Press release

Credit Suisse renews and extends contract with Swisscom IT Services

Berne, 13 December 2006

Credit Suisse has extended its contract with Swisscom IT Services, first signed in March 2005, by another 30 months. The IT service provider will now deliver support services for the Swiss IT workstations of Credit Suisse until May 2009. Clariden Leu, a private bank belonging to Credit Suisse, will also use Swisscom's IT services in Switzerland.

Swisscom IT Services will provide support for several tens of thousands of Credit Suisse IT workstations in Switzerland for another 30 months. The contract volume has also increased following the fusion of Credit Suisse's private banking subsidiaries to create Clariden Leu, which will also use Swisscom's IT services.

Swisscom IT Services has been an outsourcing partner of Credit Suisse since March 2005. The new contract will run until May 2009 and will cover a range of support services. Swisscom IT Services is responsible for the installation, relocation, return and fault handling of desktop computers, notebooks, printers and monitors.

By renewing its partnership with Swisscom IT Services, Credit Suisse is looking to maintain the same high quality of service. "The renewal of the contract is clear testimony to the large measure of trust placed in our company and in our competence in the IT services sector, above all in the field of banking," says Michael Shipton, CEO of Swisscom IT Services.


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