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Press release

Swisscom to award a 2.4 per cent pay increase

Berne, 14 December 2006

Swisscom and the unions have agreed to a 2.4 per cent pay increase with effect from the beginning of 2007. The general increase, which will amount to 1.6 per cent, will not apply to employees whose salaries are well in excess of the market rate.

Swisscom has reached agreement with the union delegations to increase salaries by 2.4 per cent with effect from January 2007. Employees will receive a general increase of 1.6 per cent. The remaining 0.8 per cent will be awarded on an individual basis.

To help reduce market disparities, employees with salaries above the going market rate for their function will receive an uninsured one-off payment of CHF 1,100 instead of a salary increase.

The increase will place Swisscom in the middle bracket for pay awards in Switzerland. Since 2001 Swisscom has awarded real salary increases of over 12 per cent. This underscores the company's position as an attractive employer.

The outcome of the salary negotiations has still to be approved by the governing bodies of the unions. It will apply to the approximately 14,500 employees (around 13,500 FTEs) covered by Swisscom's collective employment agreement. This includes all Group companies affiliated to the collective employment agreement as of the end of 2006.


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