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Swisscom to test WiMAX communications technology in the Bernese Oberland

Berne, 26 February 2007

In April of this year Swisscom will start a field trial using the WiMAX communications standard in the community of Boltigen (Canton of Berne). This will be the first time that Swisscom will test the new technology since receiving the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) licence in 2006. Using WiMAX, Swisscom aims to make fast Internet access available in locations where it is technically not feasible using a conventional fixed-line solution. Its installation in around 30 households will be free of charge for the community.

There is a continually rising demand for higher bandwidths in our everyday lives, but it is not possible to supply it everywhere, whether because the copper cables to the exchanges are too long or due to the lack of technical equipment. The BWA licence will enable Swisscom to test wireless alternatives to transmitting data via the telephone system.  Swisscom will also evaluate the feasibility of such a solution to fill the current gaps in basic service provision.

WiMAX is specially configured for high data rates. WiMAX is a communications technology which, like GSM and UMTS, supplies customers with voice and data services from a central antenna,  which makes its particularly suitable for rural areas.

Swisscom experts will be supported by apprentices in the approximately 30 household installations. Testing this innovative technology has an additional advantage of allowing Swisscom the chance to offer its apprentices training in a future-oriented field.


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