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Blogs and video exchange for mobiles

Berne, 06 March 2007

Video blogs and weblogs are amongst the most popular applications on the Internet. Customers can now use 4Show and MoBlog to share their home videos with others and keep a digital diary, even when they are on the move. All you need is a mobile with multimedia capability.

In the past, diaries were written in the silence and secrecy of dark corners but with Internet blogs they are now published for all to read. Swisscom Mobile is going one step further and offering MoBlog, a mobile blog for people on the move. Users can share experiences and impressions with friends and family right away. Texts, photos, videos and sound files are simply sent by MMS or SMS to 878 - and soon after they are automatically published in the user's own MoBlog. Depending on the size of the files involved, it costs 50 cents by MMS or 20 cents by SMS to publish content. MoBlogs can also be read and commented on from a mobile phone in the Vodafone live! . portal under 'Chat, Mail & MMS' > 'MoBlog'. Only customers of Swisscom Mobile can set up and run a MoBlog. But the MoBlogs can be read and commented on by customers of other mobile phone providers too or simply by anyone online at


4Show, the mobile video exchange

Camera phones are popular and practical. Anyone on the move who sees or experiences anything funny, extraordinary or surprising can easily capture the event as a photo or video. Users can now also share their best photos and short films with other Swisscom Mobile customers. The content is sent by MMS to 8888 - which costs 50 cents per submission. Once the content of the submission has been checked, it will be available on Vodafone live! portal after no more than 48 hours under 'Video & Bild' > '4Show'. The videos and photos must be suitable for all ages. The cost for downloading a video is 30 cents. It is well worth submitting your contribution because the filmmaker/photographer receives 10% of the revenue generated by each download, i.e. 3 cents per photo or video, which will be paid once the amount reaches the sum of 5 Swiss Francs. You receive the payment by PayPal, a system that all customers aged 18 or over can set up for free. Photos and videos can only be published and downloaded by Swisscom Mobile customers.


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