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Press release

Free calls from Swisscom public payphones

Berne, 16 March 2007

Swisscom is to thank the public for the around 77 million calls made each year from public payphones. From 19 to 23 March 2007 all calls from public phones to fixed-line numbers in Switzerland will be free of charge.

In 2006 around 77 million calls were made from Swisscom public payphones. This goes to show that payphones are still an important necessity. Swisscom will continue to operate public payphones in the future as part of the basic service provision. In addition, 8,500 phone booths across Switzerland will be converted to make them easier to use by the physically disabled while the number of coin-operated phones will be doubled to 4,000.

Swisscom is rewarding customer loyalty with a special promotion. From 19 to 23 March phone calls will be free of charge. This applies to all calls made from public payphones to any fixed-line number in Switzerland. The promotion does not include value added services such as 090X, 08XX, 162, etc. The general public will be informed about the promotion by means of a special campaign.


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