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Press release

Standardised price structure for mobile Internet abroad

Berne, 02 April 2007

Swisscom Mobile has introduced a standard tariff for using mobile Internet abroad. The World Data Option is now available worldwide on all GPRS, EDGE and UMTS roaming partner networks. Costing CHF 5 per month, on top of this customers pay a mere CHF 3 per megabyte transferred while abroad.

The World Data Option offers a new, standard tariff for mobile data transfer abroad, regardless of the network provider being used. The new data tariff signifies an improvement in price transparency. Previously limited to Vodafone partner networks, the affordable World Data Option can now be accessed on all GPRS, EDGE and UMTS networks, provided that a roaming agreement has been concluded with the relevant network providers. Swisscom Mobile charges World Data Option users a standard tariff of CHF 3 per megabyte. For Swisscom Mobile customers who have already elected to take a national Data Option Month or Data Option 2000, the new World Data Option is inclusive, and the monthly charge of CHF 5 does not apply.

Along with the World Data Option, the World Data Option Month is also being offered to frequent users on all roaming networks. A charge of CHF 149 per month covers 100 megabytes of data traffic, with each additional MB costing CHF 3.


Data tariffs worldwide, with option:

World Data Option 1)  
Monthly subscription: CHF 5
Price per megabyte (MB): CHF 3
Billed in increments of 300 KB.
World Data Option Month  
Monthly subscription: CHF 149
MB included: 100 MB
Price per additional MB: CHF 3
Billed in increments of 300 KB.

1) The "World Data Option" is included in each of the national money-saving options "Data Option 2000" and "Data Option Month"


Data tariffs worldwide, without options:

Price per MB: CHF 14
Billed in increments of 30 KB (Blackberry 10 KB).


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