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Swisscom launches 15,000 Kbps broadband service for CHF 89 per month

Berne, 09 May 2007

As of 1 July 2007, Swisscom Fixnet is extending its range of broadband offerings with a brand-new VDSL service: The new high-speed Internet access with a downstream speed of 15,000 Kbps and upstream speed of 1,000 Kbps is available for a monthly charge of CHF 89. VDSL supplements Swisscom Fixnet's existing broadband access services: Swisscom currently has more than a million Bluewin ADSL customers.

There is a growing demand for higher bandwidths for surfing the Internet and transmitting data. Another clear visible trend is residential customers' increasing need for higher data upload speeds. To meet these needs, Swisscom Fixnet has launched a new VDSL 15,000 service. The monthly charge is CHF 89 including the rental fee for a VDSL router.


Installed by Swisscom

A once-only activation fee of CHF 149 is chargeable for modifying the in-house set-up to enable VDSL high-speed Internet access. The installation work as well as Internet access setup will be carried out by a Swisscom engineer or partner company. On completion of this upgrade, the in-house installation is ready for the digital future - for example, for high definition (HD) television with Bluewin TV.


Summary of Bluewin DSL services

Subscription type
DSL 300
DSL 3'500
DSL 5'000
DSL 15'000
Downstream up to 300 kbit/s 3'500 kbit/s 5'000 kbit/s 15'000 kbit/s
Upstream up to 100 kbit/s 300 kbit/s 500 kbit/s 1000 kbit/s
Data Volumes Time limit unlimited unlimited unlimited
Existing phone line Existing phone line Existing phone line Existing phone line
Internet  connection Dial-up Always on Always on Always on
Monthly charge
basic charge plus CHF 2.40 per hour online.
Maximum monthly charge CHF 59
CHF 49
fixed charge
CHF 69
fixed charge
CHF 89
fixed charge
Multimedia applications (photos, music, film, games) limited scope      
Bluewin Phone        
Bluewin TV        


Actual speed depends on line length

The transmission speeds listed are maximum values. The effective speed depends on the length of the copper cable to the home and the in-house set-up, and may be lower. Information on the maximum available speed for any given connection can be found on the Bluewin portal.


Bluewin passes the million mark: a milestone in a successful history

In April 2007 Swisscom Fixnet celebrated its one millionth Bluewin ADSL customer, marking an important chapter in the successful history of broadband Internet access. It all started back in October 2000 with the first BroadWay ADSL offer from Bluewin. Within the space of only seven years, Swisscom has continually expanded its customer base and turned ADSL into the broadband offering of choice.


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