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One Phone Business and Unified Communication: Swisscom launches convergence offerings for business customers

Berne, 22 May 2007

Swisscom is launching new products in the area of information and communication technology. By combining the advantages of fixed network and mobile telecommunications in a single device, One Phone Business (OPB) by Swisscom Solutions will not only simplify but also increase the efficiency of telephone communications. With Unified Communication (UC), Swisscom Fixnet merges information technology with telecommunications for use in everyday work. These efforts underline Swisscom's innovation and technology leadership in the market for business customers in keeping with their motto: Simply in touch, simply at work, simply connected.

One Phone Business - the mobile fixed network line

Swisscom Solutions now presents One Phone Business (OPB), a convergence offering that combines fixed network and mobile communications. For the first time, fixed network and mobile telephony are available through one and the same device with easy-to-budget costs that are charged to one single bill.

This product features simple, universal functions that can be used on any network. OPB takes all of the key functions previously only available through a company's in-house fixed-network switchboard and offers these for mobile use from wherever the user happens to be. Some of these include access to the company address book, call forwarding and conference calls.

OPB is operated via a simple user interface. This new service lets companies cut down on their infrastructure: Employees will only need one phone, for example, switches from one location to another will become simpler and less costly plus all calls are routed through the company's switchboard to optimise costs. This will now allow customers to reach employees under one standard business number with a fixed network prefix, even while they are on the move.

OPB has two user profiles: one for business calls and another for personal calls that within Switzerland can be charged to an employee's personal bill. Employees travelling on business can work while they are mobile at lower fixed network and roaming rates. The mobile number is the same for personal calls.


Unified Communication - office communication without an in-house server

Unified Communication (UC) stands for a new IT concept that melds the office world with the world of telecommunications. Here, all currently available yet previously separate communications solutions are brought together to form one integral solution, with the focus on laptops and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) as central work tools. This new concept enables users to make calls directly from their own PC and edit documents together with the person they are talking to, for example.

Since Swisscom runs and operates the necessary office programs and servers, a managed service such as this makes life considerably easier for customers. Instead of having to bother with setting up and operating software-based applications, they can concentrate on their core business. Online modules allow the services offered to be individually tailored to best suit a company's size. No in-house server infrastructure is required. Swisscom implements Microsoft's proven line of programmes to ensure that customers can continue working in the software environment they are accustomed to.
Permanent access to all company applications is guaranteed via the secure, professionally-managed Internet connection. System modifications are made automatically, which saves customers both time and money. Data backups are performed professionally and servers are configured to be failsafe as well as being monitored.
The standardised nature of Swisscom's offering allows reliable budgeting of expenses. Individual applications such as special setups on PC workstations, new staff training or special support services, for example, can also be integrated. Advice and support are provided by Swisscom's qualified IT partners.

More time for core business - modular expansion

OPB and UC are solutions that simplify everyday work, leaving our customers more time to concentrate on their core business. The costs associated with OPB depend on the size of the company and its usage profile. Offers will be prepared for business customers on an individual basis.

As a modular extendable IT solution, the costs of UC depend on the package selected by the customer.

Since business customers from a variety of different sectors and various sizes can benefit from the use of Swisscom's convergence products, Swisscom Solutions and Swisscom Fixnet are working together to develop the Swiss business customer market. Swisscom Solutions will be in charge of corporate customers while Swisscom Fixnet will be responsible for SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises). Their common goal for the entire market is: Simply in touch, simply at work, simply connected.



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