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Press release

Cablecom chooses Cablex's network building skills

Berne, 16 August 2007

During the course of the next few months, Cablex AG, the leading company for the construction and maintenance of wired and wireless networks in Switzerland, will upgrade Cablecom's network. For Cablex the order represents an important step forward in the cable television market.

Over the next 18 months cable network operator Cablecom is planning to overhaul and modernize more than half its network. Swisscom subsidiary Cablex AG has been awarded around one third of the entire order volume, and will expand Cablecom's coaxial cables from a bandwidth of 606 megahertz to the highest possible standard of 862 megahertz. Cablex is continuing therefore to successfully build up its third-party market and strengthen its activities in the cable television market.

These new activities mean that Cablex needs to expand both its capacity and skills. As a result, on 1 September 2007 the company will take over around 20 experts from Cablecom, including planners and site managers. At the same time, the company's internal know-how will be reinforced through targeted training and courses.


Wider collaboration planned

The project will start at the beginning of September with a combination of surveys, planning and the transfer of the new workers. In November the implementation phase will begin, with broadband expansion set to be completed during 2009. After completion of the project, both partners wish to continue their collaboration in their daily business.


Cablex receives around 70,000 orders each year

Cablex AG, founded in 2001, developed out of Swisscom's former construction division and was responsible for building Swisscom's national fixed network. Today it is Swisscom's main supplier and Switzerland's leading underground and overhead telecommunication network construction and maintenance company. With around 450 employees and 60 trainees, Cablex handles about 70,000 orders for the construction, maintenance and repair of wireline and wireless networks each year. As an ISO-certified network construction company, Cablex acts as both supplier and general contractor.

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