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Swisscom bundles mobile and fixed-line broadband access

Berne, 27 August 2007

Effective immediately, Swisscom customers can combine a mobile (NATEL) subscription with Bluewin DSL 3500 or DSL 5000 broadband access, without the need for a fixed-line phone connection. They can make phone calls using their mobiles and access the Internet via a standard DSL connection. By doing without a fixed-phone connection, customers will save CHF 303 a year and still have access to supplementary services such as Bluewin TV or Combox pro.

Swisscom's new offering will appeal to customers who have no fixed-line phone connection or have one but seldom use it and yet still want high-speed Internet access at home. Doing without an analogue EconomyLine connection will save them CHF 25.25 a month, or CHF 303 a year.

As well as cost savings, customers will enjoy other advantages: on the one hand, they will receive a single monthly bill for both connections and on the other, they will make all their phone calls from their mobiles and at home they will have broadband Internet access via Bluewin's DSL service. The charges for the mobile phone connection and the DSL connection will be billed according to the subscription selected.

Customers can choose from the following NATEL subscriptions: NATEL swiss liberty and NATEL pro for residential customers. For example: NATEL swiss liberty (CHF 25 a month) combined with Bluewin DSL 3500 (CHF 49 a month) will cost the customer a total of CHF 74 a month. Customers will benefit automatically from the attractive NATEL liberty rates and pay only CHF 0.50 an hour for calls to the Swiss fixed network and the mobile network of Swisscom Mobile. The offering includes the use of supplementary services such as Bluewin TV or Combox pro.


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