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Swisscom to lower its mobile roaming tariffs

Berne, 03 September 2007

At the start of the autumn holidays in Switzerland on 22 September 2007, Swisscom Mobile will introduce a massive cut in the cost of phone calls within Europe. All subscription and prepaid customers will automatically benefit from the new rates; there is no need to register. The new standard tariff of CHF 0.85 a minute constitutes a 57 per cent drop in minute prices for calls within Europe.

With this reduction in tariffs, Swisscom is passing on to its customers the lower purchase prices negotiated over the past few months with European mobile operators. The move also anticipates the successful outcome of negotiations expected by Swisscom in the coming months. The price adjustment will enable Swisscom to further expand its leading position in mobile roaming. Already in the past Swisscom has offered the most attractive rates and with 472 roaming partners worldwide provides the best mobile coverage.

From 22 September, customers with a Swisscom Mobile subscription will pay only CHF 0.85 a minute instead of CHF 1.50 for calls within EU member states and from EU member states to Switzerland. Prepaid customers will benefit from an even greater reduction, with prices dropping from the current CHF 2 a minute to the same new rate of CHF 0.85.

Compared with the rest of Europe, Swisscom's new rates will therefore be extremely competitive. This, despite the fact that Switzerland is neither legally bound by the regulated prices of the European Union nor in a position to automatically benefit from the EU's fixed purchase prices. However, Swisscom was able to negotiate lower prices and structure its offerings to make them even more attractive. As well as adjusting its European minute rates, Swisscom will also introduce new worldwide minute rates for calls and a flat rate of CHF 0.40 per SMS message.


Euro Passport remains Swisscom's cheapest roaming offering

The free Euro Passport option remains the cheapest offering for those who telephone a lot within Europe. From 22 September, customers will pay CHF 1.10 for the first minute and only CHF 0.60 for each minute thereafter. This means that from the third minute, the cost will be lower than the standard rate. The option will continue to be offered free of charge to subscription customers, while prepaid customers will pay CHF 5 for 30 days. Customers who already use Euro Passport will benefit automatically from the new cheaper option. There will also be a reduction in the tariffs for the worldwide roaming option, Vodafone World. The new roaming tariffs will be billed in 60-second increments.


A fact sheet with details of the new rates is available here .


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