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One Workplace: the convergent, managed workstation for business customers

Berne, 10 October 2007

Swisscom is the first provider in Switzerland to offer its business customers a convergent service with all-round support: One Workplace (OWP). Even the basic version of One Workplace starts out as a package including PC, software, site interconnectivity and Internet access. Depending on the customers' needs, a variety of care and support options are also available. One Workplace is being offered at a monthly fee beginning at CHF 220 per workstation and is geared toward companies with 30 to 250 IT-based workstations.

One Workplace's basic configuration is already set up for standard Office use: a desktop or notebook, Microsoft Office Professional and site interconnectivity with Internet access are included in the basic package. Customer-specific software can then be added on an individual basis. Workstation-specific options such as screens and printer solutions, e-mail and mobile data access as well as all telephony services for mobile networks, fixed networks and Voice over IP (VoIP) keep things simple for staff and allow them to work efficiently.


Service from one source - cut IT costs

One Workplace was developed in order to help companies cut their ICT costs and keep them manageable: the idea behind this is to offer service from one source - and support not only for telecommunications solutions, but for basic IT services, as well. OWP was thus designed to be a managed service from day one. Swisscom maintains the workstation, installs any necessary software updates in the background and provides user support. Customers only have one contact who handles all of their needs with regard to both telephony and workstations - a huge advantage in day-to-day work.

One Workplace was designed for business customers with 30 to 250 IT-based workstations - a target group consisting of around 6700 businesses in Switzerland with about 500,000 IT workstations. With its flexible basis for company-specific software, OWP is ideally suited for use in attorneys' and architects' offices as well as construction, food production and engineering companies, to name a few. Where more specialised software solutions are in use, Swisscom works together with the partners who already support these companies. That is the case in the areas of industry, trade, transport, print shops and publishing houses, for example.

Monthly fees for the OWP offer start at CHF 220 per workstation. However, the exact amount depends on the size of the customer, how many sites it has and which additional modules are selected.

Urs Schaeppi, CEO of Swisscom Solutions, comments: "Managed services are becoming more and more important in the increasingly complex world of ICT. After all, providers such as Swisscom can bundle the knowledge of its specialists which then allows us to provide these services at a lower price than pure telecommunications or IT service providers, or than companies that try to meet all their needs on their own."

This unique, convergent offer is the result of close collaboration between the experts of Swisscom Solutions and Swisscom IT Services. With around 70,000 managed electronic workstations, Swisscom has amassed a wealth of experience and is already one of Switzerland's largest providers of managed workplace services.


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