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Swisscom launches mobile office for SMEs

Berne, 16 October 2007

Swisscom is now offering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) BlackBerry® Hosted and Express Office, a comprehensive solution package designed to make mobile working easier and help businesses save both time and money.

The mobile office is just as important for SMEs as for larger businesses. With BlackBerry® Hosted and Express Office you have access to all your e-mails, appointments, addresses and tasks whenever and wherever you need them - either on a BlackBerry® mobile or a Mobile Assistant device, the business mobile from Swisscom. Thanks to push technology, the data is displayed immediately on the end devices. Neither service requires you to operate your own mail server. Operation, maintenance and ongoing data backup is handled by Swisscom, so there is no need for additional investment in IT. The function is available with both POP3 e-mail accounts ( and the customer's own e-mail accounts (@companydomain).

BlackBerry® Hosted is available from CHF 82.90 per month. This proven solution trusted by many banks and government agencies is ideal for businesspeople who frequently travel abroad. A special service package including international data volumes is available for this very purpose. Express Office is the straightforward, reliable solution from a single source. Express Office costs CHF 36 per month. Both variants come with the complete solution including Hosted Exchange and data volume.


Functions Express Office BlackBerry® Hosted
E-Mail Push mail (sent instantaneously to mobile) Push mail (sent instantaneously to mobile)
Mobile company addresses Yes Yes
Mobile calendar Yes Yes
Mobile tasks Yes Yes
Daily data backup  Yes Yes
Seamless encryption of e-mail traffic Yes Yes
Virus and spam filter Yes Yes
Requirement Hosted Exchange  Hosted Exchange 
Device Mobile Assistant BlackBerry® mobile
Data package Recommendation: 25 MB data package - approx. 3000 e-mails per month

Recommendation: 10 MB data package ("Standard") - approx. 5000 e-mails per month (compressed)

E-mail, appointment and address solution (Hosted Exchange Professional) CHF 14 per domain with Bluewin e-mail address
CHF 20 per e-mail address with own domain

CHF 14 per domain with Bluewin e-mail address.

CHF 20 per e-mail address with own domain

Device Mobile Assistant retail price BlackBerry® retail price
Data package in Switzerland CHF 16 for 50 MB CHF 54 ("Standard" - 10 MB package)
Data package international (per month) Not available - volume-based CHF 82 ("Executive" - includes 10 MB domestic traffic and 3 MB international traffic)
Licence (per month None CHF 8.90
Mobile phone subscription Swisscom mobile phone subscription Swisscom mobile phone subscription


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