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Mobile chatting is in - over 50,000 customers are using Ogo

Berne, 23 October 2007

Just two years after Swisscom launched Ogo, more than 50,000 customers are now using the mobile instant messaging device. And Ogo users are doing a lot of chatting. They are sending around 80 million messages every month.

Instant messaging makes it possible to communicate (chat) with other users in real time. Short text messages are sent using the "Push" procedure and recipients can respond immediately. Swisscom became the first provider in Switzerland to offer mobile instant messaging in November 2005. Now more than 50,000 customers are using one of the two types of Ogo. The mobile instant messaging device has become an extremely popular way of communicating amongst young people. Some 80 million instant messages and around a million e-mails are sent and received each month using the device.

In addition to these two functions, SMS, mobile internet and telephone services are also very well used. Mobile telephony and internet are only available with the follow-up model, the Ogo CT-25. This was launched in June 2007 after the huge success of the Ogo CT-12. The Ogo CT-25 also supports the EDGE standard to guarantee rapid data transmission across the whole of Switzerland.


Instant messaging popular in Switzerland

More than 1.8 million people in Switzerland use an instant messenger. According to a study carried out by leading instant messaging provider MSN, Swiss users are logged onto their messengers for more than 12 hours a month on average and send more than one billion messages.

Studies show that Ogo users send four times more instant messages than PC users. A high number of Ogo customers recommend the device to other people. Ogo users in Switzerland make up a significant proportion of global mobile MSN traffic and constitute the largest Ogo community worldwide.


Ogo CT-12 for CHF 1

There are two Ogo promotional offers which apply from now until the end of December. The Ogo CT-12 now costs CHF 1 instead of CHF 19 (24 months, CHF 19 per month). Customers buying the Ogo CT-25 will not have to pay the basic monthly charge of CHF 25 for the first two months.


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