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BlackBerry now also available to residential customers

Berne, 02 November 2007

From 5 November 2007, Swisscom Mobile will also make the BlackBerry service available to residential customers. The new BlackBerry e-mail service will enable Swisscom customers to send and receive personal e-mails any time and anywhere, with no monthly basic charge. All e-mails are forwarded automatically to the BlackBerry device. Swisscom Mobile customers will initially be offered the sleek and stylish BlackBerry 8100 Pearl.

Until now, e-mail correspondence via BlackBerry was only available to business customers. But as of November all Swisscom Mobile customers will be able to use the new BlackBerry e-mail service. The service includes fast, automatic synchronisation of personal e-mails, giving customers easy access to their electronic mail whenever they need it. The required settings can be made in just three easy steps, and that's all it takes to start using the convenient push e-mail solution. BlackBerry e-mail can access and manage up to ten personal e-mail addresses (IMAP, POP, Microsoft Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino®) from different providers and even a BlackBerry address if desired. But BlackBerry offers even more: the BlackBerry Desktop Manager can effortlessly synchronise your calendar, contacts, address book and notes with your computer at home. In addition to telephony and e-mail, the BlackBerry boasts impressive multimedia functions including mobile Internet, instant messaging, MP3 player and video player.


BlackBerry e-mail with no basic charge

The BlackBerry e-mail service is automatically available to Swisscom customers after they have purchased a BlackBerry device, without any basic charge being payable. Billing is by data volume: CHF 0.10 per 10 kilobytes (about four e-mails without attachments). For frequent users there is a cost-effective solution in the shape of the BlackBerry E-Mail Option 5 MB. For CHF 20 a month, customers can process 5 megabytes (MB) of data in Switzerland and 0.5 MB for e-mail to other countries. That's about 2,500 e-mails a month. For customers who do a lot of international travel Swisscom also offers the BlackBerry E-Mail World Option 3 MB: for CHF 28 a month customers can access up to 1,500 e-mails from abroad. BlackBerry e-mail will also be made available at a later date to those business customers who use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service from Swisscom.


Attractive BlackBerry models

For the new BlackBerry e-mail service Swisscom customers can use the attractive BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, which stands out with its slimline design and multimedia capability. A second device, the BlackBerry 8310, will be appearing in Swisscom Shops in December. With its integrated GPS receiver, the device can be used as a portable navigation device. It also features a full keyboard, making typing e-mails child's play. The BlackBerry 8100 Pearl costs CHF 299 with a subscription and the BlackBerry 8310 will cost CHF 399.


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