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Mobile surfing to become cheaper

Berne, 05 November 2007

Swisscom is reducing its mobile data prices. For CHF 59 a month, Mobile Unlimited customers will receive a data allowance of 1.5 gigabytes, while frequent users will receive an allowance of 5 gigabytes for CHF 79 a month instead of the present 2 gigabytes. The new prices will come into force on 1 December 2007. Mobile Unlimited currently boasts over 80,000 customers.

Swisscom is revising its Mobile Unlimited data tariffs to bring them into line with the needs of its customers: from 1 December 2007 customers will be able to choose between two time-based and two volume-based billing models. For CHF 79 a month they will benefit from a data allowance of 5 gigabytes (GB) instead of the present 2 GB. The second volume-based tariff will cost CHF 59 a month for 1.5 GB.

Both time-based billing models are ideal for occasional usage: the "Data Option 15 hours" will cost CHF 39 a month, while there will be no monthly charge for NATEL data flex and 15 minutes online will cost CHF 1. Customers who already use Mobile Unlimited with "Data Option Month" or "Data Option 12 hours" will benefit from the new 5 GB / 15 hours option automatically from 1 December. Customers can switch to any of the other tariffs at any time.


Extended Mobile Unlimited product family

The Mobile Unlimited product family now includes the Unlimited PC Card, the Unlimited Express Card, the Unlimited USB Modem and a wide range of Unlimited Notebooks from various makers. December 2007 will see a new addition to the family: the Unlimited PC Card which supports HSPA (maximum download 7.2 Mbps, maximum upload 1.4 Mbps). From 15 November 2007, new customers who opt for a PC Card or an Unlimited USB Modem together with the "Data Option 1.5 GB" will be able to enjoy a two-month free trial of Mobile Unlimited. This offer will run until 31 January 2008 and is available from any Swisscom Shop.


New (domestic) Mobile Unlimited tariffs at a glance:


Volume-based models:
  Cost/month   Volume included Cost per additional MB (billing increment: 1 byte) Especially suitable for ..
Data Option 1.5 GB CHF 59.-  1.5 GB CHF 0.20/MB ...regular usage
Data Option CHF 79.- 5 GB CHF 0.10/MB ...practically unlimited usage
Time-based models:
  Cost/month    Hours included Usage cost   Especially suitable for ..
NATEL data flex - -   -  - CHF 1 per 15 minutes
(billing increment: CHF 0.50)

...occasional usage (up to around 15 - 30 minutes/workday)

Data Option 15 hours

 CHF 39.- 

 15 hours 

CHF 3 for each additional hour
(billing increment: 1 second)

...average usage (from around 15 - 30 minutes/workday)


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