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Fastest Internet access at attractive prices

Berne, 12 November 2007

From mid-November, Swisscom customers will not only be surfing the Internet faster, but cheaper, too. In addition to bandwidth increases of up to max. 20,000 / 1,000 kbps, subscribers to the top profiles will benefit from price reductions of between 14 and 22 per cent.

The speeds at which data are transferred or documents and multimedia content are downloaded is accelerating constantly. As of 15 November, Swisscom will increase its DSL speed from 15,000 / 1,000 kbps to a maximum of 20,000 / 1,000 kpbs. The upgrade will take place automatically between 12 and 16 November 2007; customers with existing DSL lines do not need to do anything.

This increase in broadband speeds will not only put customers into the fast lane of the data highway, but they will also benefit from a more economical rate at the same time. Prices for the 5000 / 500 profile will drop from CHF 69 to CHF 59 and those for the 20,000 / 1,000 profile (previously 15,000 / 1,000) will be cut from CHF 89 to CHF 69, representing price reductions of 14 and 22 per cent, respectively. Prices for the 300 and 3500 profiles will remain unchanged.

The new 20,000 / 1,000 kbps profile is available to more than 75 per cent of households in Switzerland and around half of these can take advantage of the full bandwidth. Customers can check broadband availability at the Bluewin portal at


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