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Press release

Mobile calls for just CHF 0.30 an hour

Berne, 22 November 2007

NATEL pro liberty is Swisscom's new subscription, offering the best hourly tariff in Switzerland. Calls to Swisscom's mobile and fixed network cost just CHF 0.30 an hour. The monthly basic charge is CHF 49 and this includes a data allowance of 10 MB. The new subscription will be available from 23 November 2007.

NATEL pro liberty is the ideal subscription for people who make long and frequent phone calls and want a simple pricing structure. The low-cost liberty hourly tariff allows customers to call for just CHF 0.30 for 60 minutes to the fixed network and to the Swisscom Mobile network. Calls to other mobile networks are charged at CHF 0.30 per minute. For those who make three calls a day or more, it's worth switching to NATEL pro liberty But the new subscription doesn't just offer more freedom in terms of phoning; the basic charge also includes a data allowance of 10 MB per month. This is enough to send or receive around 2,000 e-mails a month, for example. A charge of CHF 0.10 applies to every additional 10 kilobytes. NATEL pro liberty can be easily combined with the new 50 MB and 100 MB surf options to offer subscribers even cheaper surfing from their mobile. Customers who want to know whether it is worth their while to switch to the new subscription can ask for advice in a Swisscom Shop and via the hotline  0800 55 64 64.

NATEL pro liberty is the latest addition to Swisscom's liberty family. The attractive hourly tariff meets a clear customer need. Since its launch in the summer of 2005, over two million customers have signed up for a liberty subscription.


Price overview NATEL pro liberty

Monthly subscription charge CHF 49.00
Data allowance included in the subscription charge (in Switzerland)
Price per additional 10 KB

10 MB per month

CHF 0.10 / 10 KB

Charges for calls within Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the Swisscom Mobile network, the fixed network and Combox* Per call up to 60 minutes; thereafter CHF 0.30 per additional 60 minutes (24/7) CHF 0.30
SMS  CHF 0.20
MMS Graduated according to size CHF 0.20 / 0.50 / 0.90
Calls to other mobile networks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, per minute (24/7) CHF 0.30
Calls within the EU and to Switzerland  CHF 0.85 per minute

*National calls lasting under 5 seconds to a Swisscom Mobile Combox or a voice mailbox in the fixed network (Switzerland and Liechtenstein) are free of charge (excl. Business Numbers)


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