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Press release

2.7 percent pay rise at Swisscom

Berne, 03 December 2007

Swisscom has reached agreement with the unions: salaries are to be increased at the beginning of 2008 by 2.7 percent in total. For most employees, the general increase will be 2.2 per cent of the basic salary.

Swisscom has come to an agreement with the delegation from the unions to raise salaries by 2.7 percent with effect from January 2008. For most employees, the general increase will be 2.2 percent of the basic salary. The remaining 0.5 per cent will be awarded on an individual basis. To help reduce market disparities, employees with salaries above the going market rate for their function will receive an uninsured one-off payment of CHF 1,100.

Since 2001 Swisscom has awarded real salary increases of over 13 per cent. The decision has still to be approved by the governing bodies of the unions. It applies to employees subject to Swisscom's collective employment agreement which covers around 14,500 people (approx. 13,500 FTEs).

To check the parity of pay between men and women, the social partners have agreed to set up a joint committee. This will define procedures and methods for a study on equal pay and will draw up a proposal on how to proceed in the event of any salary discrimination.


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