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Swisscom gets a new look

Berne, 14 December 2007

Swisscom is restructuring its organisation from 1 January 2008 to better serve the needs of its customers. As a result, the company will be getting a new, uniform visual identity in the first quarter of next year. The previous sub-brands of Swisscom Fixnet, Swisscom Mobile and Swisscom Solutions will cease to exist. Part of the new image will be a redesigned logo with a moving picture element - an innovation for Switzerland and the industry. The new logo is thus ideally suited to today's communications offerings, which are usually accessed on-screen.

The telecommunications market and customer needs are changing. Swisscom wants to offer its customers an integrated experience of applications and content via PC, mobile phone and TV, and from the beginning of 2008 serve them as far as possible from a single source.

In May 2007, therefore, Swisscom announced an organisational restructuring in line with changing customer requirements. The former Group companies Fixnet, Mobile and Solutions are to be replaced by Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd with the divisions Residential Customers, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises and Corporate Business. The fixed-line and mobile communications infrastructures and the IT platforms are also to be merged into a single division at the same time.

The new organisation will give customers access to the full range of Swisscom offerings from a single source and from one point of contact. This calls for an adaptation and merging of the various images we currently present, and a shift from an umbrella brand to a monobrand strategy. The sub-brands of Swisscom Fixnet, Swisscom Mobile and Swisscom Solutions, along with Bluewin as an autonomous corporate brand, will cease to exist. The product brand Bluewin will remain, however.

The new look is more modern, more colourful and more vivid

The various Swisscom visual identities currently in use are being adapted in response to changing requirements. They are being standardised and made more modern, more colourful and more emotional. The logo has also been redesigned: the logotype has been modernised and given a moving element, which is an innovation for Switzerland and the industry. Given that most communications services are now accessed on-screen, the new logo is ideally suited to Swisscom.

The new logo combines our expertise in the core business of information and communications technology (ICT) with our expertise in new media, and clearly expresses our close ties with our domestic market of Switzerland. The visual identity was developed in conjunction with the London agency Moving Brands and Swiss typographer Bruno Maag.

The change involves updating all the media in which Swisscom appears. As a result, the new logo will generate additional costs reaching into the millions.

Swisscom's new brand image can be viewed at


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