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Swisscom offers free mobile phone calls to young subscribers up to the age of 26

Berne, 21 January 2008

From 1 March 2008 young people up to the age of 26 will be able to make free calls from their mobiles to the Swisscom mobile network and fixed network - 24 hours a day - thanks to the new young people's subscription NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus. The monthly basic fee for this flat-rate subscription is CHF 29, and includes 100 free SMS messages.

This new NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus subscription is perfect for all young people who make long and frequent phone calls. The monthly basic fee of CHF 29 covers all calls from a mobile to the Swisscom Mobile network and the Swiss fixed network (does not cover roaming). Calls can also be made free of charge to the M-Budget and Migros mobile networks and to Combox. Calls to the mobile networks of other operators will be charged at CHF 0.50 per minute. A special tone will notify customers that they are being switched to a third-party network. But the new subscription doesn't just offer more freedom in terms of phoning; it also includes 100 SMS messages per month, with any further SMS messages within Switzerland costing just CHF 0.15 per message.

The new subscription signifies a further expansion of Swisscom's successful "xtra" product range aimed at young people. NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus will be available from 1 March 2008. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the new subscription and already in possession of a NATEL subscription can sign up from 1 February 2008, simply by texting "xtraplus" to the number 444.



Price Overview - NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus

Monthly subscription charge CHF 29.00
Charges for calls within Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the Swisscom mobile network, the fixed network and Combox. CHF 0 (free)
Calls to other mobile networks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, per minute (24/7) CHF 0.50
Included SMS messages per month in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
SMS to numbers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
SMS messages to numbers abroad

CHF 0.15
CHF 0.20


Based on size
CHF 0.20 / 0.50 / 0.90


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