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Swisscom - we're there for you

Berne, 28 February 2008

Swisscom will be launching its new, uniform image in the next few days. The Swisscom umbrella brand will be used in place of the previous Swisscom sub-brands (Fixnet, Mobile and Solutions) and will also replace Bluewin. A redesigned logo with a moving picture element is also a part of the updated identity. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, the new image will gradually be implemented on vehicles, shops, buildings, the website and elsewhere. At the beginning of March, these new images will première in a service campaign focussing on Swisscom's proximity to customers and the great value it places on customer care.

Swisscom has increased its focus on customers over the past few months and, with effect on 1 January 2008, merged the Swisscom Group companies Fixnet, Mobile and Solutions into a single company. In the future, Swisscom will no longer service its customers through multiple different contacts, but will provide a comprehensive service from a single source.

This change in the company's image is necessary because the currently differing identities of Swisscom's previous sub-brands as well as that of Bluewin will be consolidated to form one common identity. In the future, Swisscom will only communicate through one common, uniform identity. This move will increase the efficiency of Swisscom's communications and also make better use of the money invested in advertising. The introduction of the new logo will involve non-recurring investment costs running into seven figures.


Colourful, lively design element on screens

The new look is more modern, more colourful, more vivid and also much simpler than the different identities Swisscom has used in the past. The design selected will permit broad-based marketing activities across the various customer segments and via the different types of media.  The logo's lettering has been modernised and a moving element has been added. Given that most communications services are now accessed on-screen, the new logo is ideally suited to Swisscom. In the future, customers will expect to have mobile and fixed access to TV, Internet and personal data (photos, films, etc.) in the simplest manner possible and whenever they want, using TVs, PCs and mobile phones.


Closer to customers

The world of ICT is becoming more and more complex. In an environment such as this, customer care will also become increasingly important. With its warm visual elements and the stylised Swiss cross, the revamped brand expresses the company's proximity to customers and its special relationship to Switzerland. This is something that will also be emphasised in the new campaign which, beginning in March, will point out Swisscom's proximity to its customers as well as its comprehensive service: "We're there for you! Throughout Switzerland and happy to assist you in our shops, in our call centers, online and at your own home."


Gradual implementation - adapted websites

The figures associated with implementation of the new identity are impressive: The lettering will have to be redone on around 2,300 vehicles, 110 shops and 350 illuminated building signs. We will be able to keep implementation costs as low as possible by making changes gradually, i.e. signs on buildings, public payphones and vehicles, and by using existing material.

As the principal carriers of the brand, the Swisscom websites and online shop will gradually be modified to reflect the new brand. The new Swisscom media portal and the future Bluewin website are scheduled to go online very shortly and will sport Swisscom's new look. Bluewin will be kept as a product brand as will the Internet address and both the and e-mail addresses.


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