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Press release

Online on trains: Now also via WLAN

Berne, 31 March 2008

Effective immediately, SBB train passengers can surf the Internet and access their e-mail at broadband speeds via Public Wireless LAN on 75 Intercity first-class coaches. This is just one more way that Swisscom gives customers wireless access to the Internet while on the move. The best connection is guaranteed on the Berne-Zurich line. For Swisscom customers with a mobile phone or DSL subscription, access costs CHF 4 per hour and is billed in 15-minute increments.

Swisscom provides more than 1,200 hotspots in the Swiss Public Wireless LAN, allowing high-speed mobile surfing. Now Swisscom and SBB are launching the first mobile hotspot: Passengers with a WLAN-compatible device (notebook, smartphone, PC card, etc.) have Internet access in 75 first-class coaches with business seats at speeds of up to 1.0 megabits per second. Until now, passengers had broadband Internet access on trains using Mobile Unlimited. With the new service, Swisscom offers customers with a WLAN-compatible device one more way to access the Internet while on the move.

The 75 train coaches have been equipped with WLAN base stations. They are connected to Swisscom's mobile network and make broadband access to the Internet possible depending on the available technology (EGDE, UMTS, HSPA). Swisscom can guarantee the best connection on the Berne-Zurich line thanks to its extensive HSPA network. The coaches with business seats that offer this service are identified by a notebook symbol on the outside of the coach. The seats are usually in Section A, for example, in Zurich and Berne. Customers with a suitable device can simply dial in to the WLAN network.


Easy payment by mobile phone subscription or credit card

Swisscom customers with a mobile phone subscription simply pay for use of the Public Wireless LAN on trains via their mobile phone bill. One hour costs CHF 4 and billing occurs in 15-minute increments. Passengers without a Swisscom subscription can also, in addition to the existing PWLAN prepaid products at every SBB train station hotspot and on trains, buy an access code for 60 minutes of online time for CHF 6 using a credit card. The time starts following initial login.


Public Wireless LAN now also for DSL subscribers

Starting 1 April 2008, Swisscom DSL residential customers can use their Swisscom login to surf the Internet at all of the more than 1,200 hotspots throughout Switzerland including the mobile train hotspot. Billing is via the Swisscom fixed-line bill. Until 30 September 2008, all Swisscom DSL residential customers benefit from one hour of free PWLAN use per month.

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