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Press release

Swisscom brings Bluewin TV to your mobile

Berne, 18 April 2008

Swisscom is adding a new service to its mobile TV offering. Bluewin TV mobile will be available on the new DVB-H network in a quality which customers have so far only experienced on home television sets. For CHF 16 a month or CHF 2 a day, customers will be able to access 20 channels. Thanks to an electronic programme guide and navigation key, viewers on the move will also be able to experience Bluewin TV.

DVB-H stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld and enables mobile users to access television channels on their mobile phone at the touch of a key in high-definition picture quality and excellent sound quality. They have a choice of 20 channels, including SF1, TSR1 and Eurosport (D). Zapping between channels is simple, thanks to a navigation key. And with an electronic programme guide, customers always in touch with what's on.

Swisscom is one of the first providers worldwide to offer DVB-H. Rollout of the product marks a further step in the Group's multimedia strategy. With its 100-second news broadcast (Tagesschau 100 Sekunden), Napster mobile and the Vodafone live! portal, Swisscom already boasts a range of successful multimedia applications. Bluewin TV mobile using broadcast technology (DVB-H) complements its range of mobile communications products while adding to the company's TV product range: whether at home with Bluewin TV basic and plus, or on the move with Bluewin TV mobile, customers have a product to suit their needs.


Spontaneous television viewing without being tied to a contract

DVB-H coverage in Switzerland already reaches 44% of the population. Customers in and around Basel, Berne, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne will be able to receive UEFA EURO 2008TM coverage in high quality with a DVB-H enabled handset such as the Nokia N77. If they are outside the DVB-H coverage area or don't possess a DVB-H enabled handset, they can receive Bluewin TV mobile on the Vodafone live! portal using UMTS/EDGE which covers 99.8% of the population.

Occasional usage costs CHF 2 a day; a monthly subscription costs CHF 16 and allows unrestricted viewing for a fixed price. Cancellation at one month's notice means customers are not tied to a contract.  Mobile television has been available via the Vodafone live! portal (UMTS/EDGE) since 2004 and the service continues to be enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Bluewin TV mobile via DVB-H will be available from 13 May 2008. The first DVB-H enabled handset - the Nokia N77 - will be on sale at all Swisscom sales outlets. With a 24-month swiss liberty contract and a monthly Bluewin TV mobile subscription, the Nokia N77 will cost CHF 1, while without a contract it will cost CHF 899. Swisscom will add the Nokia N96 and the Samsung SGH-P960 to its range during the course of the year. Customers who already own a UMTS/EDGE enabled handset can send a free SMS with the text "BLUEWINTV" to 888 and will promptly receive the link to Bluewin TV mobile on Vodafone live!


Bluewin TV mobile at a glance

  Bluewin TV mobile
via DVB-H
Bluewin TV mobile
Requirement: DVB-H handset (Nokia N77, other handsets to follow) UMTS/EDGE handset
TV channels: 20 TV channels 30 TV channels
Network coverage: EURO cities Basel, Berne, Geneva, Z├╝rich as well as Lausanne; DVB-H coverage 44% Throughout Switzerland; UMTS/EDGE coverage 99.8%
Features: HD quality, Access to TV at the touch of a key, Quick zapping between channels, TV guide Access via the Vodafone live! portal

CHF 16 per month or

CHF 2 per day

Available: From 13 May 2008 Already available, new from 21 April 2008
Further information from 21 April 2008 at


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