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Swisscom raises dividends

Zurich, 22 April 2008

On 22 April 2008, Swisscom's General Meeting of Shareholders in Zurich approved all proposals put forward by the Board of Directors and decided to increase dividends by CHF 1 compared with the previous year to CHF 18 per share, with a special dividend of CHF 2 per share. The share capital is to be reduced by CHF 3.28 million to CHF 53.44 million.

The tenth Swisscom Ltd General Meeting of Shareholders in Zurich was attended by 1,646 shareholders, representing 64.43% of the voting shares. At the end of March 2008 the total number of registered shareholders amounted to approximately 47,500.


Focus on customer service - on the path to growth with Fastweb

In his presentation, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Anton Scherrer, emphasised the company's increased customer focus. "The company reorganisation has allowed us to create the basis to be able to offer our customers top-quality one-stop solutions. Previously, the organisational focus was on the technical side. Swisscom has set about transforming itself into an organisation that provides one-stop customer care, whether for residential customers, SMEs or corporate customers. This consistent customer focus along with the convergence of networks contribute to keeping Swisscom at the cutting edge both on the market and technically."

Another key area is the expansion into Italy, according to Anton Scherrer. The acquisition of Fastweb has brought us back on the path to growth. The Italian broadband market has huge potential and Fastweb plays a key role there. The Swisscom subsidiary is installing state-of-the-art infrastructure in 130 towns and cities across the country and has invested CHF 5 billion to this end. The bulk of the investment in the network has therefore already been made over the last few years."

Anton Scherrer reiterated the continued strong customer focus, as well as the revenue forecast for the current year of around CHF 12.3 billion, and operating income (EBITDA) of around CHF 4.8 billion.


Increased dividends - re-election of three members to the Board of Directors

In accordance with Swisscom's payout policy, around half of the operating free cash flow is to be paid out in the subsequent year. Shareholders approved the 2007 annual report, financial statements and consolidated financial statements as well as the dividend of CHF 18 per share (CHF 11.70 net, after deduction of withholding tax), and a special dividend of CHF 2 per share (CHF 1.30 net) recommended by the Board of Directors.

The net sum of both dividends will be distributed to shareholders on 25 April 2008.

A resolution to reduce the share capital by CHF 3.28 billion to CHF 53.44 billion by voiding the shares acquired under the buy-back scheme was also adopted at the General Meeting of Shareholders. The General Meeting granted discharge to the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board for the 2007 financial year.

The meeting also approved the re-election of three members of the Board of Directors , each for a two-year period in office: Anton Scherrer (President), Catherine Mühlemann und Hugo Gerber.

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