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Swisscom extends its DSL offering and significantly increases the most popular bandwidth

Berne, 05 May 2008

At the beginning of August, Swisscom is to further increase DSL bandwidths in the wholesale market from 3500/300 kbps to 5000/500 kbps. The company is also launching a first-time user offering with a data rate of 1000/100 kbps to intensify competition between DSL service providers and cable network operators. After already significantly lowering its wholesale prices in January 2008, Swisscom is once again strengthening the position of the 30-plus Internet service providers.

The need for ever-greater bandwidth capacity, in other words the required Internet connection performance, shows no sign of slowing down for many users. More and more households are using several computers at the same time, while bandwidth-intensive applications such as YouTube, video chat and teleworking are increasingly a part of everyday life. Sending photos also requires greater bandwidth capacity.

This is why Swisscom is increasing the bandwidths in the wholesale market at the beginning of August from 3500/300 kbps (download/upload) to 5000/500 kbps, with the same terms and conditions as the current 3500 offering.


Attractive offering for the first-time user market

At the same time, Swisscom is extending its broadband service for wholesale customers with an attractive product for the highly competitive first-time user market. With a data rate of 1000/100 kbps, this new offering will appeal to customers who require greater bandwidth capacities than the current first-time user option (300/100 kbps), but who are looking for a cheaper solution than the 5000/500 profile.


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