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Swisscom to modify prices for 1811 information service

Berne, 29 May 2008

Swisscom is simplifying the 1811 information service pricing structure. Instead of the previous five different rates which vary according to time of day and destination network, there are now just three different rates. Calls will still be subject to a connection charge of CHF 1.50. The alternative possibilities, such as online enquiries, are becoming more and more popular.

The connection charge will remain unchanged at CHF 1.50. The first minute of an information call will now cost CHF 0.70 instead of CHF 0.50, and every further minute will cost CHF 0.22. An average information call which lasts one minute will therefore now cost CHF 2.20 instead of CHF 2.00. However, the cost of direct connections to the mobile network are set to drop by more than half: an operator service will now cost a uniform price of only CHF 0.22 per minute for connections to the Swiss mobile and fixed networks.

The mobile surcharge for calls from a NATEL® remain unchanged. A mobile surcharge of CHF 0.30 per minute will be charged for calls with a NATEL® subscription, and CHF 0.80 for calls with a NATEL® easy prepaid card. Customers who use 1811 with a mobile phone will continue to receive a free SMS with the number and address of the subscriber they are looking for by pressing key 6.


Other information services from Swisscom - free via the Internet

Alongside 1811, Swisscom also offers further information services: 1812 is the automatic information service which allows you to find telephone numbers and addresses in Switzerland using voice commands. This information service is fully automated and therefore cheaper. The connection charge is CHF 0.80, while the per-minute rate is CHF 0.10. Besides the conventional telephone directory, Swisscom also offers a free alternative to telephone information services online at

  New Old
Connection charge CHF 1.50 CHF 1.50
Up to 60 seconds CHF 0.70 / min. CHF 0.50 / min.
From 61 seconds CHF 0.22 / min.

CHF 0.08/min., 8.00- 17.00
CHF 0.04/min., 17.00 - 8.00

Operator Service CHF 0.22 / min. To the fixed network:
CHF 0.08/min., 8.00-17.00
CHF 0.04/min., 17.00-8.00
To the mobile network:
CHF 0.50/min.
Mobile surcharge with a Swisscom NATEL ® subscription CHF 0.30 / min. CHF 0.30 / min.
Mobile surcharge with a NATEL® easy prepaid card CHF 0.80 / min. CHF 0.80 / min.


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