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Swisscom to simplify access to Customer Care

Berne, 26 June 2008

From 5 July 2008 the service numbers for residential customers will be gradually combined on 0800 800 800. SME customers will be able in future to contact Swisscom on 0800 055 055. The short number 175 for the Fault Reporting Service will be deactivated on 30 June and will also be integrated in the new access numbers.

By focussing on the current access number 0800 800 800 for residential customers and introducing the access number 0800 055 055 for SME customers, Swisscom is looking to simplify access to Customer Care. All current access numbers for business customers are to be integrated in future in the number 0800 055 055. SME customers will also be connected to sales and technical support on this number. Full integration of customer service numbers for residential customers in 0800 800 800 will be phased in gradually until 2009.

Customers will be able to contact both new access numbers around the clock. Callers will be quickly connected to the desired point of contact through a simple keypad selection. In autumn 2008, navigation will be further simplified with the introduction of a voice command system.


Discontinuation of short number 175

The well-known Fault Reporting Service short number 175 for the public phone service must be deactivated by all telecoms service providers by 30 June 2008 in line with the requirements of the Federal Council (Ordinance on Addressing Resources in the Telecommunications sector) . The Fault Reporting Service will also be available on both new access numbers in future.


The access numbers

The following link shows a list of all Swisscom customer service numbers which will be available on the new access numbers from 5 July 2008.


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