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Press release

Secure archiving of image files for decades - thanks to Swisscom IT Services

Berne, 22 September 2008

Swiss Picturebank AG and Swisscom IT Services Ltd have signed a contract for the Swiss Picture Bank photo archive platform. The web-based archive platform allows digital photos to be stored securely and affordably for a minimum of thirty years. The contract will run for at least five years and is worth an eight figure sum.

With its web-based platform, Swiss Picture Bank offers the world's first professional online long-term archive for photos. Swiss Picturebank AG has opted for Swisscom IT Services for the operation of the archive platform. As technology partner, Swisscom IT Services has already been involved in managing the construction and development of the platform. Swisscom IT Service's long track record in systems integration, applications management and infrastructure operation was a key determining factor in this decision. The contract will run for a minimum of five years and is worth in excess of 10 million francs.


Highest demands in terms of operation and availability

The lean IT infrastructure has to meet high requirements: the infrastructure has to be cost-effective, while offering a high level of security and availability. It must however be sufficiently flexible to allow the platform to grow with increasing data volumes and to be developed in line with requirements. In the solution currently in operation, data are securely archived on various media in different locations.


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