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Press release

Lowering of unbundling and interconnection prices

Berne, 24 September 2008

In a communiqué issued on 24 September 2008, the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) announced that it will lower the unbundling price for subscriber lines to CHF 18.18 a month; interconnection prices for 2007 and 2008 are to fall by 25 to 30%.

Unlike in previous communiqués from ComCom, no decrees have been issued to Swisscom at the time of this communiqué, which is why no reasons are given. Swisscom cannot therefore issue a detailed statement.

Despite high production costs, in some sectors Switzerland is already among the countries with the lowest regulated telecommunications prices in Europe. These prices do not take account of special Swiss regulations that exist, in particular, in the construction, environmental and healthcare sectors. These regulations as well as the various demands on Swisscom as regards quality, basic provision and jobs are not adequately taken into account in the price comparisons and stipulations of the authorities.

Swisscom's price calculations are based on parameters approved by ComCom and the Federal Court in previous proceedings. Swisscom will examine the decrees in detail as soon as they are available. Provided the decrees and their justification are within the scope of the law Swisscom will accept the decisions and forego taking the matter to the next level.


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