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Swisscom expands its sport and news offering for mobiles

Berne, 29 September 2008

From 1 October, Swisscom is expanding its TV offering for mobiles in collaboration with the broadcasters Teleclub, Schweizer Fernsehen (German-speaking Swiss TV channel) and Télévision Suisse Romande (French-speaking Swiss TV channel). The new sports channel from Teleclub will supplement the existing Bluewin TV mobile offering and will broadcast live football games from the Axpo Super League and NL A ice hockey matches. The news service "SF Tagesschau 100 Sekunden" is also being expanded into a "News & Sport" package, to include a new 60-second weather report "SF Meteo 60 Sekunden"/"TSR Météo 60 secondes" and the "Teleclub Sport Flash".

Swisscom is launching its new "News & Sport" service on 1 October. In addition to the existing "SF Tagesschau 100 Sekunden" offering, this is to include a weather report and sports flash in German and French. With "SF Meteo 60 Sekunden", Swisscom is bringing one of the most-watched programmes in Switzerland to the mobile phone, in collaboration with the German-Swiss channel SF, and the French-Swiss channel TSR.

The weather service in mobile-phone format offers all the important weather forecasts and will be updated four times a day. The "Teleclub Sport Flash" is to be launched in partnership with Teleclub and will inform customers about all the important results and events from the world of sport three times a day. The new service rounds off the "SF Tagesschau 100 Sekunden" offering launched in 2006 and now boasting some 40,000 subscribers.

Customers can use "News & Sport" for CHF 2 a day (incl. Bluewin TV mobile offering) or CHF 9 a month. The new "News & Sport" service will be activated automatically and free of charge for existing subscribers to " SF Tagesschau 100 Sekunden". All Swisscom customers with a UMTS or EDGE enabled handset can access this service.


Bluewin TV mobile with new sports channel

The existing Bluewin TV mobile offering will be expanded to include the sports channel, Teleclub, in German and French from 1 October. This channel will show football games from the Axpo Super League, as well as NL A ice hockey matches, either as individual live games or as live teleconferences, depending on match days. Bluewin TV mobile customers can now also take advantage of the fact that all "News & Sport" content is broadcast in DVB-H quality, and programmes can be watched on the repeat channel. The 50,000 customers who already use Bluewin TV mobile every month will receive the new channels activated automatically and free of charge. For the occasional user, Bluewin TV mobile will cost CHF 2 a day as before, while the monthly subscription at CHF 16 allows unlimited television viewing for a fixed price. The service can be cancelled on a monthly basis. Bluewin TV mobile can be used with all DVB-H enabled handsets, as well as via the Vodafone live portal (UMTS/EDGE).


New DVB-H enabled mobile phones from Nokia and LG

In terms of DVB-H enabled handsets on offer, besides the existing Nokia N77, there is now also the Nokia N96 with multimedia capability and the LG KB620 flip phone, making mobile television even simpler and more user-friendly. DVB-H coverage in Switzerland reaches 44% of the population. If customers are outside the coverage area or do not possess a DVB-H enabled handset, they can receive Bluewin TV mobile on the Vodafone live! portal using UMTS/EDGE, which covers 99.8% of the population.


The new offerings at a glance

  News and Sport Bluewin TV mobile
Content SF Tagesschau 100 Sekunden
SF Meteo 60 Sekunden
Teleclub Sport Flash
31 TV channels
Incl. Teleclub Live Sport
+News & Sport
Price CHF 9 a month or CHF 2 a day
(incl. Bluewin TV mobile)
CHF 2 a day or CHF 16 a month
Requirement    UMTS/EDGE enabled handset DVB-H or UMTS/EDGE enabled handset
Channels Vodafone live! Portal
Vodafone live! Portal
Registration Send an SMS to 888 with keyword: News Sport Send an SMS to 888 with keyword: BluewinTV


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