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Press release

Massive reduction in energy consumption: Swisscom wins award for its environmental commitment

Berne, 06 October 2008

At the InfoVision awards ceremony at the Broadband World Forum Europe, Swisscom was presented with an award in the environmental category, "Go Green". The award recognises the leading Swiss telecommunications provider's innovative project to reduce energy consumption in telephone exchanges, which has allowed it to reduce the energy requirement for cooling by 90% or 45 GWh per year, which roughly equates to the annual energy consumption of all private households in Liechtenstein.

Swisscom's aim is to increase its energy efficiency by 17 per cent between 2002 and 2010. With its award-winning Mistral Project, Swisscom has set another milestone in the area of reducing energy consumption. Mistral is a method developed by Swisscom which allows technical installations in telephone exchanges and mobile base stations to be cooled using a fresh-air cooling system rather than air conditioning, thereby reducing energy consumption for cooling by around 90 per cent. Swisscom has already equipped more than 200 exchanges and mobile base stations with the new system, and around 900 additional exchanges are to follow. Until now Swisscom has saved around 8-9 GWh electricity per year, which equates to the consumption of around 2,000 households. Once all the exchanges have been converted, this figure will be around 45 GWh per year - which is roughly equal to the annual energy consumption of all private households in Liechtenstein. It will also mean that environmentally-harmful cooling agents will no longer be used. The heating systems in the exchanges will also be optimised during the changeover so that CO2 emissions are reduced.

But it is not only the environment that is set to benefit from the Mistral Project. Besides the savings in energy costs, foregoing expensive air conditioning systems allows a three to four-fold reduction in capital costs.

Swisscom has been actively involved in the area of environmental management for around ten years. For example, Swisscom purchases around 13 million kWh of naturemade star-certified eco-electricity every year - in other words, wind power, solar energy and hydroelectricity. In addition, Swisscom trainees are constructing solar installations on Swisscom buildings. Four of these installations have been built to date and more will be added in the next few years.


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