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The new multimedia Ogo: music, videos and photos at your fingertips

Bern, 07 October 2008

Featuring an integrated music and video player, as well as photo function, the new mobile instant messaging device is now fully multimedia-capable. The new Ogo costs CHF 49 and is available exclusively from all Swisscom Shops, Mobilezone, Interdiscount and FUST outlets, and from the Swisscom Online-Shop. Owners of the previous model, the Ogo CT-25, can have their device upgraded free of charge by the end of the year so that they can also use the new multimedia functions.

The new Ogo CT-25 Multimedia is now available from Swisscom. As well as the multimedia functions, enabling access at any time to music, videos and photos while on the move, the new Ogo offers additional user-friendly functions for managing friends' contact data: for example, data exchange via Bluetooth or data synchronisation via Outlook. New features include the ability to download songs directly from the Napster Mobile music catalogue to the newly supported memory card, or the ability to personalise the Ogo with ringtones or contact photos for example.

Like its predecessor, the new Ogo can also be used for surfing and phoning while on the go. Together with the chat, e-mail and SMS function, the popular instant messaging device offers a host of ways for users to keep in touch with friends.

Existing Ogo CT-25 customers can also benefit from the new functions: they have the option until the end of December 2008 of having their device upgraded free of charge at any Swisscom Shop, mobilezone, Interdiscount or FUST outlet in order to make it multimedia-capable.


Attractive subscriptions

The Ogo CT-25 Multimedia is available with a 24-month subscription for CHF 49. The NATEL® messenger plus and NATEL® xtra messenger plus subscriptions for customers under 26 cost CHF 25. Both subscriptions include unlimited MSN chatting, sending and receiving of e-mails (without attachments) and surfing the Internet up to a volume of 10 MB.

The Ogo CT-12, which is ideal for chatting, e-mailing and sending SMS messages, will continue to be available and costs CHF 1 with a contract term of 24 months. The associated NATEL® messenger subscription costs CHF 19 a month.


100 million MSN messages and one million e-mails a month

Since its launch in November 2005, Ogo has proved to be an extremely popular communications device, especially among young people: to date, more than 50,000 customers have opted for the mobile instant messenger. And the users are great chatters, sending an average of 100 million MSN messages and a million e-mails a month, or around 60 MSN messages per customer per day. Besides these functions, SMS, mobile Internet and phoning are also used extensively.


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